Community Upliftment

At Zingela Nature Reserve, it is of utmost importance that we have long-standing relationships and positive influences within the local communities. Over the years, Zingela has funded and donated towards numerous local community upliftment projects. In order to aid in the eradication of poverty, Zingela has ensured that employing people from the local communities is a priority.

Community upliftment


Community upliftment projects that Zingela Nature Reserve has funded and/or donated towards:

Gideon Preschool Construction Project: During 2012, Zingela Nature Reserve built a pre-school for the local, rural community, Gideon. Prior to the construction of the pre-school, the learners did not have access to schooling. Upon discovering this information, we wanted to ensure that the youth, of Gideon, were able to fulfill their right to basic education.

Water-system in Gideon Community: During 2017, we were informed by our staff that the local community, in Gideon, had no access to fresh, running water in their homes. A family member from each household was required to walk hundreds of kilometers each day to fetch water for their household.

In order to ensure that the community had access to fresh, running water in their homes Zingela planned the water-system project as well as supplied and implemented the water pipes and tanks for the system.

Schools in Local Surrounding Rural Communities: On a monthly basis, Zingela Nature Reserve donates venison meat and other supplies to the schools in the local communities.

Commemoration to the Gideon Chief: Zingela paid their respects to the local community after the passing of Mr. Shivambo, one of the Chiefs in Gideon. A three day ceremony was held, in commemoration of the Chief, and Zingela supplied Mr. Shivambo’s family with enough wood and supplies to cater for family and friends that attended the ceremony.

The family of Mr. Shivambo thanked Zingela sincerely for the kindness and support.

Not only does the community benefit from the community-upliftment projects, but also from the employment opportunities created in and around the Nature Reserve. Visitors play a vital role in the sustainability and economic upkeep of the area.They contribute towards the investment and job creation in the area, and in turn, helps create new opportunities and is a step towards eradicating poverty.

Zingela Nature Researve


Zingela has strived towards, not only empowering and supporting the local communities, but also providing empowerment and support to our staff members. Zingela has provided staff, employed from the local communities, with opportunities for career growth and given staff members access to knowledge and training via Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA).

Over the years Zingela has supplied each staff member and their families with fresh fruits and vegetables from Zingela’s very own vegetable and fruit garden. Zingela’s in-house butchery has provided many meals for the staff and their families as we believe that our staff are important to us.

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