Zingela Nature Reserve

Zingela Nature Reserve is 27,000 hectares of continuous reserve that hosts an abundance of endemic Fauna and Flora.

Zingela is truly, a Hidden Diamond of the Limpopo Bushveld that boasts of a wide variety of wildlife, which includes a total of 17 antelope species and amongst the highest predator numbers in the Limpopo Valley, such as Leopard, Cheetah, African Wildcat, Brown Hyena and Serval to name a few. Birders are also in for a treat, and will be able to spot rare and endangered bird species, in particular the White-Backed Vulture, Secretary Bird, Kori Bustard and Saddle-Billed stork to name a few.

You are cordially invited to share this hidden Diamond with us.



General Information

Markus Jebsen’s years of passion for Africa and Conservation led him to invest into what is now called Zingela Nature Reserve. In 2007, the immense project of converting the land into a Nature Reserve as well as returning endemic wildlife to their natural environment, began.

Our vision, goal and main focus has become the development of a larger, free-roaming Nature and Wildlife Reserve as well as restoring the ecology and wildlife to their natural habitats and conditions.  Thus, elephants will be able to, once-again, roam freely on their ancient migratory routes between Botswana and the Limpopo valley as they did 100 years ago. Zingela Nature Reserves’ long-term responsibility has always been, and will remain – Biodiversity, Ecology and Nature Conservation.

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